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Case Study

Mark is a registered nurse working in Longmont, CO who has struggled with Obstructive Sleep Apnea for more than a decade.

He underwent a sleep study, followed by surgery and wound up using a dental appliance at bedtime but he continued to suffer from sleeplessness.

After discussing his symptoms with his primary health care provider, the doctor ordered another sleep study.

“Fortunately for me, I had it done at the Phyhealth sleep center,” said Mark. “The experience I had was far superior  to my previous sleep study. The center was state-of-the-art, yet you felt you were in upscale hotel room.”

“My primary health care provider was very pleased with the thoroughness of the study, saying it was more informative than others she had seen.  I now use CPAP at night, and I view going to sleep as a restorative process rather than a battle to breathe.  Overall ,I would highly recommend the Phyhealth Sleep Center."

Mark P, Registered Nurse, Longmont, CO