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Sleep Care Centers Visit

What to Expect During Your Sleep Care Center Visit

The first step to diagnose many sleep disorders and their severity is an overnight sleep study, called a polysomnogram. The study is used to monitor and evaluate the patient to help determine or confirm if there is a sleep disorder, its severity and the best treatment to use.

As you sleep, we will monitor 16 body signals, including your breathing, oxygen levels, heart rate, brain waves, eye movements and muscle movements, with our state-of-the-art equipment.


A board-certified physician specializing in Sleep Medicine will then interpret your study, review the technician’s observations, your history and information from your referring physician. If a sleep disorder is discovered, we will work closely with your referring physician to provide ongoing treatment.

We know that people sleep better where they are comfortable so our private testing rooms are designed to imitate a natural sleep environment, which helps to provide us with the most reliable sleep data.